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The controversial confrontation between Indian cricket legends Gautam Gambhir and S Sreesanth during the Legends League Cricket (LLC) match has taken a more serious turn, prompting the LLC Commissioner to file a complaint against S Sreesanth in connection with his post-match outburst against Gautam Gambhir. Legal notice had to be issued. The incident came to light during the match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants, in which S Sreesanth alleged that Gambhir had called him a “fixer”.

After the match, S Sreesanth shared details of his heated altercation with Gautam Gambhir on Instagram. The LLC Commissioner expressed dissatisfaction with Sreesanth’s decision to address the matter on social media and considered it a “breach of contract”.

In response to the escalating verbal altercation between the two players, the LLC released a statement announcing an “internal investigation” into the incident. The statement stressed that any evidence of “misconduct” would be dealt with sternly.

As the controversy gained momentum on social media, S Sreesanth accused Gautam Gambhir of showing disrespect towards him and using inappropriate language. In a cryptic Instagram post, Gambhir shared a smiling picture and captioned it, “Smile when the world is all about attention!” The post further enraged Sreesanth, leading him to question whether Gambhir considered himself above the Supreme Court.

Sreesanth didn’t hold back and responded in the Post and said “You have exceeded the boundaries of a sportsman and a brother, and above all, you represent the people. Yet, you continue to engage in conflicts with every cricketer. What is the matter with you? All I did was smile and observe, and you labeled me a fixer? Seriously? Are you above the Supreme Court? You have no authority to speak in such a manner and say whatever you please. You even verbally abused the umpires, and yet you speak of smiling? You are an arrogant and utterly classless individual who lacks any form of respect for those who supported you. Until yesterday, I always held respect for you and your family. However, you used the derogatory term “fixer” not just once, but seven or eight times. You even resorted to using the F-word towards the umpires and myself, persistently trying to provoke me. Anyone who has experienced what I have endured would never forgive you. Deep down, you know that what you said and did was wrong. I am sure even God wont forgive you. You didn’t even come to the field after that. Come on, God is watching everything,”

The term “fixer” is particularly sensitive for S Sreesanth due to the lifetime ban imposed by the BCCI disciplinary committee in 2013 for his involvement in the IPL spot-fixing scandal. This scandal that shook the cricket world is one of the darkest chapters in the history of Indian cricket. Sreesanth protested the BCCI’s decision and approached the Supreme Court, which later reduced his ban to seven years in 2019. The exchange between these cricketing giants has reopened old wounds and triggered a new round of controversy in the cricket community.

For cricket fans its really very unfortunate, cricket nowadays becoming low grade entertainment, It is loosing its age old name “The Gentle Men’s Game”. As an ardent cricket fan its very painful to see, a fellow cricketer doesn’t have respect for each other. We don’t know who is right in this matter but the whole incident is very unfortunate and shouldn’t have taken the 1st place. Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth both of them represented our country and our world cup heroes. We really don’t expect such low grade incident from them. Its a huge loss for cricket altogether. Click here to access the Instagram Post.

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